Monday, June 18, 2012

Set Sail

Sometimes I feel that there are times in my life where I self reflect and look back at all the interesting people I've met and bonded with. Some go, some stay and some come back from that of which is the ocean of life. The tides are always turning and and bringing forth situations that you would have never thought come your way.
Something like that had happened this past week.
I was with my lovely friend Lily. She had me come over to her house to cook some lunch. While watching her get the ingredients out of her fridge for our lunch, I noticed a huge elaborate henna tattoo across her delicate shoulder blades. It was a tree, with flowers and designs blossoming from the tips of the branches. The roots of the tree had little curly cues kind of reminding me of shirley temple hair. Her wonderful older sister McKenna found the design online and made it. McKenna is very skilled in the art of baking, crafting and creating things, but I'll touch base on that another time.
Lily and I decided to make some delicious homemade pizza.

Anyway, after we ate at her house, which is decorated with wine corks and fine candles, I got a text.
A very interesting text from a friend of mine I had not seen in quite some time.
He was inviting us out to go sailing.
Now, me being the adventurous one I immediately said yes. Lily on the hand, was not to quick to say yes. However she was an awesome sport and decided to go along.
We hit the dock at around 2:30. While climbing out of our car, Stephen pulled up alongside us in his "family wagon" bus. There smacked across his face was a huge goofy smile.
Stephen is one of those people who is just so happy to be alive.
He enjoys having fun, no matter how much of a logical person he is.
He is one I would call an adventurist.
Stephen simply loves to do things because they're dangerous and exciting.
The three of us then put the sailboat together and off we were into the lake. It was such a good time. Stephen was such a little shit and kept trying to scare us by jokingly making attempts to capsize the boat.
Many choice words flew out of my screaming mouth due to the fact of how terrified of lake water I am.
Especially dirty lake water.
Anyway, we made a great team, and sailed across the lake no problem.
Well, besides the "Stephen being a shit" problem.
I snapped some good pictures of lovely Lily and snarky Stephen taking the boat apart after we docked.
What have you done that left a tangy flavor on your adventurist taste buds?     
Stephen Smiling XD.

Miss Lily taking down a sail.


Rolling up a sail!

annnnnnnnnd two times the charm.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Ah, heartbreak, you meet me again this day. So one of the things I feel I should address is how I feel about heartbreak and how people could maybe deal with it. Well, here's at least how I dealt with it.
Lots and lots of ice cream...
More like emotional ice cream.
Your friends.
Friends are so important. For me, they swept me off my feet with love and tenderness. The tenderness especially showed itself for when I was crying and having anxiety about the situation. It would have been so much worse off without them. They taught me how to be kind to myself and to have good faith whenever I was insecure about never being with a person again. I realized that it didn't have to do with just me. It also has to do with the other person. Being broken up with does not ever mean you weren't good enough, or fun enough, or special enough for the other person. It simply means you are meant to move on and find other things in life, whether it be another boy or girl, or yourself. Always use the chances to find things out about yourself when you are single. Have faith in yourself to get to know yourself. 
You don't need anyone ever.
You only need yourself.
Never forget who you were meant to be.
Oh and people? Don't resent the other person for breaking your heart. You have to take ownership for your feelings and choose to get out of the heartbreak. Don't let it become to personal by constantly dwelling over what the other person may have been thinking. Love yourself enough to grieve and move on. The world is a beautiful place and full of interesting people to meet along the way.
Never lose sight of what beauty you see.

Food for thought.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Story Tales

^ Enrico and Me at sushi.

Alright. So yeah, hi there. Yes you, I’m talking to you. Listen hun I’m so sorry I haven’t been around lately. I’m sorry I haven’t been talking much, but I’m here now hun. I’m here to talk.
In other words.
Greetings! I’m back from an incredibly crazy weekend.
Let me first start off with my friend Enrico.
Enrico is fantastically brave. He surfs everyday, battling his way through fierce waves all for a passionate hope to catch the perfect one. He also runs like a maniac, plays basketball and is an amateur cyclist. However, with me, he is adventurous in the art of conversation. We just became friends, so we like to go to this park and sit on the swings and talk about what we think are philosophical topics.
Get this.
The main one being, who would win in a fight? Tell me Enrico, an Alligator or a shark?
So Intellectual right?
Anyways, we sit, talk and enjoy each other’s company. Well, sort of. Yesterday we went over to his friends house and rode on ATV’s and dirt bikes. It was such a great experience. I believe that life should be about all the memories you carry with you in your heart. I think it’s good to fall in love and then have your heart broken, only to find love again. I think it’s beautiful to taste adventure across the tongue of curiosity. Life is an ever-changing circle, nothing stays the same, it always is evolving, twisting and twirling throughout what is our conception of time.
So my child, be bold.
Free yourself of the bondage of your insecurities.
Just look at Enrico.
Now to the next part of my story, one of my little sisters had just graduated from Middle School. My family and I went to this really awesome restaurant called Cho Cho San. It was delicious. It’s a Japanese restaurant where they cook in front of you. At one point the chef lit his cooking space on fire with oil. The flame danced and twisted as he laughed and smiled at all our reactions.
What a bloody ham.
He’s adventurous too, daring to entertain people with his tricks and daring acts with fire. The chef was simply fearless. I was so enthralled.
Now onto my next piece.
Whilst working this past week I met these guys who came into my tea shop. We chit chatted about this crazy awesome coffee shop in Camarillo called “Element Coffee”. They told me about how fun it was and to check it out. This past weekend I was with my lovely friend McKenna and we decided to go to the shop. When we got there I saw one of the guys from my shop. He shyly walked up and introduced himself as Mike. He is short, with a dark cleanly cut beard and dark hair. A beanie adorned his head. We all ordered drinks and sat down on a table with HUGE pieces of paper covering it and began to doodle and talk. Soon enough, his friend showed up. Josh, yes Josh. He’s darling with a small amount of nervousness about him. Together they are a dynamic dou and invited me to their place last night to smoke some hookah and eat food. They’re also so courageous for having the balls to sack up and not be afraid to make new friends. So I guess sort of what I experienced this weekend is a whole lot of courage to be themselves from the people around me. I honestly used to find myself disappointed with people but I’m really regrowing my faith in them by meeting new people. It’s also a great way to get over heartbreak. You know that feeling where you miss the person but you don’t want to be with them? Yeah, I’m at that stage of post breakup blues. But eh, it could be worse. I just hope all is well with HIM haha. Anyway I should probably get cracking, but hey! Follow me on twitter! I’m becoming a twitter monster who eats baby twitter birds for breakfast. NOM NOM NOM. My twitter name is: KelseyVLindseth, aka Kelsey Vox J.
                                    My Grandpa Ordering food at Cho Cho San... So serious...
The Fire Chef
 Annnnnd, my dad... Being weird. For the lols. 

Friday, June 8, 2012

Coffee Shop Blues

So... The coffee shop blues. I met with Antonio the other day. Oh Antonio, my beloved Antonio. He is simply fantastic, dramatic and full of reasons to just be annoyed with everyone. Except me of course. In his words, I'm "golden". We spent time together this past tuesday evening. Talking about relationships and the juicy details of our latest explorations of romance. We think alike, us two Scorpios. Chit chatting and gossiping about one another's lives. It was nice. We hit up some panda express in a local grocery shop. Well, I ate. He just drank his Doppio. You'll always find Antonio with a Doppio and his apple Laptop, working on graphic design. He lives a Vegan life (sometimes, dirty cheater). Almonds and Expresso. The epitome of the diet he has. Anyway, whilst spending time with him, I felt some little pockets of nostalgia, reminiscing when I met my past boyfriend at this coffee shop. Part of me wonders how he's doing now, another part of me honestly is okay with not knowing. However I can't help but realize that Antonio, my beloved, oh so beloved Antonio, has been with me through all of my heartache. We're kind of a dramatic pair. Me being the artistic maniac that I am and him being the foil to my high energy personality. I truly love spending time with him as a friend. It's not often you find people where you can talk to them about honestly everything. It feels fantastic to always just dive into a deep cold pool of intricate conversation. I just can't help but love my coffee shop blues with my Scorpio brother, Antonio.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

So I suppose I should start out this entire blog with a little bit about myself. I'm Kelsey Vox. Hello, I am the girl with the hidden tattoo. I'm currently a student attending Moorpark college and I work at a wonderful little tea shop called Teavana. I'm 18 years old and I'm looking to discover people, culture and lifestyles of those I meet. Why do this you ask? I find people fascinating and interesting. I'm going to be completely raw with you with all the real life experiences I have. I will bring to you the answers I have found for myself and would like to share with you through the people I meet. Everyone has a story to share, everyone is different. I'm here to tell my story and the people and cultures I experience on the way.

Yours Truly,
Kelsey Vox